Tammy Lockwood (Tambra)

  • President

Worked with Make a Wish foundation for 14 years. In serving with this organization I have had the pleasure of personal growth as well as raising money for a worthwhile cause.

Assisted in the political arena in Wayne County both at the city level, as well as the county level.

Was on the interviewing and hiring board for South Lyon High School, South Lyon Michigan.

Participated in the foreign exchange student program in South Lyon High School, South Lyon Michigan.

Organized and implemented the children’s Sunday School program for South Lyon Methodist Church in South Lyon Michigan, from the ages of Nursery School through High School for 8 years.  Taught 4 and 5 grade Sunday School for 3 years.

Girl Scout Leader for 7 years.

Dental field from 1975 –  2013.  Management and Ownership.