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Dear Family and Friends,
Due to the tremendous heart ache that so many of us are feeling at this time, because of the coronavirus. I am compelled to reach out to you all. This too shall pass, in spite of ourselves. We need to stay positive and do as we are told in regards to “staying home”. For every day we venture out we add 2 weeks of quarantine on to ourselves and others around us. Who would of thought that 3 weeks of watching tv and doing nothing would be so difficult!
Please know that our thoughts and prayers go out to each and everyone of you. Know that you are not alone in warding off this illness. We as Americans have had other viruses that we have dealt with in past such as small pox, malaria, Leprosery, Spanish virus, TB, Bubonic plague and HIV to name a few may of these diseases. Some of these were well before we had the modern medicine to find cures readily for them. We need to be grateful for what has transpired through our modern day medical staff. Thank goodness for Science today!
This years high tea may have to be changed date wise because of this epidemic. But know whatever changes we make it will be because of the safety and betterment of all of our existence. We are here to serve our family, friends and community as a whole and we will continue this path to the best of our ability. Thank you for your continued support and God bless you all.
Sincerely Yours,
Tambra A Lockwood
President ACHT
PS If you are looking for little things to do to make your day and others a little brighter consider making phone calls to those you are not able to see.
It will be a bright light in yours and their day

Making a Difference

Until 2009, Antrim County had the highest breast cancer mortality rate in Michigan. Since then, the rate has dropped 36% and we now rank 47th out of 83 counties. Based on current data we can expect 17-19 incidents and 2-4 breast cancer deaths each year. So, while great progress has been made in reducing the mortality rates, we still have a significant challenge in front of us.

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