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Dear Friends of ACHTBCP,

We are writing this letter to you, with mixed emotions.  As we are all in a state of unknown territory with the “Coronavirus”.

Due to the facts and the rulings that have been shared by our National Medical teams along with our local and state officials we have found that in the best interest of our 200 plus individuals that would be in attendance of our “17th Annual High Tea luncheon this July.  Our board feels it is necessary to cancel the 2020 High Tea Luncheon.  This decision was made with heavy hearts but everyone’s health and well being is not something we take lightly.

Please keep in mind the uncertainty of finances within our community.  As Cancer does not wait for people to get back to work, get insurance and have finances in order.  So getting a diagnose of Breast Cancer or to continue the treatments they so badly need cannot be put off.

Our mission statement since 2004 has always been to assist our men and women in Antrim County.  We are asking you to continue to help us in this fight!

By doing so we are asking you and your friends to donate to the “High Tea”.  So that together we may continue to assist those in our community, during a very difficult time.  Let our individuals going through Breast Cancer treatments concentrate on getting better and not worrying if they can afford the treatments.  Let us continue to save lives as a community!

Let us raise hands to fight this dreaded disease!  God bless you and thank you in advance for your donation.

Bless you all and Stay safe from your ACHT board,

Tammy Lockwood  – President
Dee Lynch – Vice president
MJ Lunn – Secretary
Paulette Pospech – Treasurer
Kristi Meyer – High Tea Chairman

Donations can be made to ACHTBCP
PO Box 218, Bellaire, MI 49615

Making a Difference

Until 2009, Antrim County had the highest breast cancer mortality rate in Michigan. Since then, the rate has dropped 36% and we now rank 47th out of 83 counties. Based on current data we can expect 17-19 incidents and 2-4 breast cancer deaths each year. So, while great progress has been made in reducing the mortality rates, we still have a significant challenge in front of us.

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Check out these resources to assist in further investigation on the topic of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.


Contact Us! The Antrim County High Tea for Breast Cancer Prevention offers assistance with education, prevention and procedures.


If you’d like to be involved with ACHTFBC. There are several ways you can help, from volunteering to financial contributions.


From financial assistance to amazing support personnel, we’re here for you! Check out the team that makes all this assistance possible.