Amanda Minaker

Amanda Minaker, MEd, MA, has served as Secretary for the Antrim County High Tea Board since April of 2018. She has been an educator and member of the community since 2016 when her family relocated to this beautiful area. Amanda is the Administrator for Charlevoix Montessori Academy for the Arts...

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Bev Dickson

Paulette Pospech


I am currently the treasures for ACHT and this is my second term. I enjoy working the Board and volunteers to help the women and men of Antrim county . I have served on the board of the Bellaire Chamber for 15 years , 1 term as president . I...

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Dee Lynch

Vice President

Co-founder in 2004 of Antrim High Tea for Breast Cancer Prevention. Dee’s goal was to use the profits from the High Tea, donations and grants to provide for the under served and uninsured men and women in Antrim County. Dee was President from 2004-2010, and now serves as Vice President,...

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Tammy Lockwood